Karlslund, Stockholm archipelago

Welcome to our rental facilitys in Karlslund. On this page you find all the specific information you need for this rental location.

Where to go with your kayak around Karlslund

The archipelago of Gothenburg is like made for kayaking. From our facility in Björlanda you can go for a short excursion in the surroundings or go for a multiday trip around the archipelago. Here are some tips for nice kayak tours that starts and ends in Karlslund.

Where to put up your tent around Karlslund

You can put up you tent almost on any island. The Swedish "allemansrätten" gives you the right to use the islands as you wish, as long as you dont intrude in someones garden, or if there is restricted areas due to bird protection or other restrictions. We have made a map of some nice places to sleep. Please click here to find your next place för a night of camping.

Find us

We are located in the harbor of Karlslund, just south of Stockholm. You can easily reach us by car or bus. There is a public parking in the harbor and if you want to travel by bus, please visit www.sl.se to se the timetable for the bus. For more information about how to find us, click here. To find our exact position please see the map below.